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Craig is an amazing practitioner. He has a very clear and methodical approach to assessing and treating you as a unique individual. He spends the time which is refreshing to me (Ive seen so many that don`t) . I have no doubt that he will sort out any body issue you might have. 💪😎

Callum Taylor

put everything right again

I first booked my daughter who is quite heavily involved in a range of sports, in with Craig over a year ago. She had some niggling injuries that just weren’t going away. Craig worked on her entire body, not just the area that she was feeling it in, and put everything right again. Craig came highly recommended from a number of people we know through her sports, and we are so grateful they did.

BenSam Alford

Back to work and life in one day!

On disembarking from a 14 hour flight, I was experiencing pain emanating from my hip flexor region which progressively worsened though baggage claim and customs. I only barely made it to the car with my partner assisting. Halfway to the Gold Coast I was actually in tears of pain. Fortunately Craig could fit me in and was able to work on the issue immediately. An hour later I walked out with only minor remnant pain, which dissipated quickly overnight. I have been a crossfitter for many years and have experienced injuries which entailed many physio visits, so was extremely grateful for the immediate pain relief Craig's knowledge and experience provided.

Jackie Clarke Real Estate

What are you waiting for?

Two words - Incredibly AMAZING... I have tried everything from physio to Chiro and to exercise physio. Craig's Total Body Therapy is the only way to go and I'm so amazed how much better I feel from aligning my ankle that no one was able to fix and to getting rid of the pain... to improving my range of moment in my shoulders... he will help with so many different things and what are you waiting for? I will definitely recommend to all of my friends, family and random strangers... plus he is super friendly and lovely and full of lots of information. I cannot praise enough how good he is and how the treatment makes you feel after...AMAZING.

Tye Bowern

No therapy that even comes close to this

I called Craig from reading his reviews. As soon as we spoke on the phone he had my trust and knew I was in good hands. The treatment he provides sets a standard everyone should experience, hard to put into words but there is an honesty and desire to give the best results possible. I have had no therapy that even comes close to delivering the results he has achieved for me. Forever grateful. You have a gift, Craig. I wish everyone who has lost hope finds you as I have. Very grateful Alicia 😄

Alicia Harrington

Back in the surf and loving it

After I injured my shoulder surfing, I had many many visits to the physio with no significant outcome other than a loss of time and hope. A close mate of mine kept telling me I must go and see this guy, He will fix you..! Well, I finally did and WOW!! Not only did he fix my shoulders, but everything else I had been putting up with for years! The way he explained the body and what was happening to my shoulder was straightforward and easy to understand. I can happily say that I'm back in the surf and loving it! No pain whatsoever! Thank you so much Craig 10/10! 🌊🏄‍♂️🙌

Jordi Wilson

Immediate improvement

I was very please to be told about Craig as I had battled a back issue for months. I had immediate improvement with Craig after trying lots of other things. I was able to start building momentum after being relieved of the discomfort.

Matt Wildman


In one session with Craig I experienced more relief from pain and discomfort than 4yrs of fortnightly chiropractic treatment. The injury I had sustained in an ankle went from being agonising to barely noticeable within days of the treatment. I literally walked out of the clinic an inch taller and feeling like I had just been given a whole new body. Craig has a fantastic ability to explain how my body was overcompensating and creating structural instability. His manner is warm and very caring, wanting only the best outcome for his clients. I highly recommend Craig to anyone that experiences discomfort in their body and seeks to feel strong and stable in all aspects.

Rachael Cannard Spiritual Guide

Like a new women

I was in a lot of pain before I went to see Craig. I didn't realise my body hadn't gone back into place after having my son. I was like a new woman and free of pain after my two sessions. Thanks so much Craig! 😁

Katie Delima-Leal

I felt like a new man

Being a chef I've constantly suffered neck, shoulder and back pain. One visit to Craig and I felt like a new man. Thank you.

Andy Wyper

Definitely the missing link

I have been dealing with chronic daily headaches for the last 8 or 9 years, I have seen everyone under the sun for treatment with no real results. I was looking for another therapist that would view the body differently and maybe look outside the box, Craig was definitely the missing link, his treatment was amazing and has really helped me to manage my pain. Craig also referred me to one of his contacts to help me with another health related issue which was great. Highly recommend!!!

Nathan Pope

This man has a gift

I have never written a review before, I am more of a silent complainer when it comes to pain. I was quite disappointed with the numerous therapies I have tried over the years. Craig has completely changed my mind. From the start, he said if he did not deliver results, he would not charge a fee. Now, I know why he makes this promise, I have been told I had one leg longer than the other and needed an infill in my shoe to correct this. It was the cause of years if back pain. In the first visit, he removed the infill from my shoe and repaired the structural problem in my hips! My legs are now both the same length! During the second visit, Craig corrected my upper body, which was all over the place because of the original problem was made worse by the infill. It has been 6 weeks since my first consult, and I cannot believe how good I feel! This man has a gift, and all who have given up should give this a go! 5 stars are not enough! Highly recommend!

Camila Felizardo

The real deal!

Where do I start! I have studied in many systems of body therapies, human performance and holistic health and have been treated by some of the best practitioners in Australia and the US. I can say with out a shadow of a doubt Craig is the real deal! Not only is his body therapy technique unique (in the best way) he truely has a talent that gets expressed through his art of healing and optimal structural alignment. Thank you Craig, I’m always feeling well aligned and the issues I do have seem to render them selves non existent. Highly recommend.

Vaughan Sauverain

Ready to conquer the world

Craig has been so amazing in getting me right once again. I walked out of his clinic ready to conquer the world . I work long hours in the film industry always on my feet running around so to feel like this again has given me so much motivation and positivity towards my work and my mental state . Thanks again Craig , See you on the next body tune up.

Dillon Yeats

Don't try everything else before you try him! I wish I found him years ago

I was sent to Craig by a friend after I had been bedridden for a week with back and neck pain. At that point, I was willing to try anything. After one session, he not only fixed my back pain but my mobility was better than it had been in years. I had been using massage and acupuncture regularly for over a year to manage my pain but Craig was able to fix the structural problems causing my pain instead of just treating my superficial symptoms. I only required two sessions to have my body feeling and moving better than I can even remember. I had been living with the injuries for so long, I didn't know there was another way to feel. I will continue to recommend Craig to anyone who is experiencing long-term pain or muscular discomfort. His passion, knowledge and kind manner make him so easy to trust. I was so appreciative of his scheduling flexibility and his eagerness to have me back to 100% in as few sessions as possible. Don't try everything else before you try him! I wish I found him years ago.

Bianca Fitzpatrick Accountant

Different to anything I’ve ever experienced

Craig is awesome, as soon as I called he listened and booked me in ASAP. Great energy and I’m halfway through my initial treatments. 1 of 2 for me and feel like I have new legs that aren’t stuck on the path behind me. Different to anything I’ve ever experienced and excited for the next session! 👌 Part 2 done and wow, different again and awesome. Some major releases and noticeable change straight away. Sometimes as a professional athlete I can get stressed with injuries and niggles. Something that I’ve been not getting to the bottom of for a couple of years. With Craig I feel well on the way. Thanks mate 👍

TJ Hendy Professional Ironman/Athlete

Tears of relief

Over 20 years and as an ex-hairdresser my wife has suffered severe back pain, during this period Heather has been to see many practitioners. I certainly do not want to sound like someone that complains about their treatment in the past, but it can be exceptionally hard watching your partner in debilitating pain day In day out. Then we meet Craig, who literally at a birthday party meets Heather, assesses what’s wrong and discusses with us why her previous treatments have failed to make significant long term difference. Then goes on the claim 1 possibly 2 sessions with him will address the problem once and for all.

This man is a miracle worker and has completely changed Heather’s life and brought her to tears with relief. The lesson we learnt in this is if your current treatment is not seeing significant improvement in your back, stop going, these other practitioners seem to want to secure the longevity of treatment more than fixing the problem.
The relief and gaining back this quality of life for Heather is incredible.

Lee Cohen

Put me back together again in one session

Thank You Craig! After a serious motorcycle accident and years working a physically demanding job I’m finally feeling back to normal again! Craig literally put me back together again in one session. I can’t recommend Craig highly enough.

Doug Kordis

The best 1.5 hours I spent on myself in years.

Having done multiple sports most of my life I learnt to live with injury and pain. Constant and expensive visits to my physio only managed my pain. Craig came highly recommend to me for a full body realignment to get to the root of my back locking up and swollen knee. In just one visit to Craig the movement and freedom I know have in my lower body is just amazing. I walked out of his clinic in so much less pain I laughed. Truely amazing the best 1.5 hours I spent on myself in years. I really had no idea how miss aligned my body was, do yourself a favour a pay Craig a visit. The best investment you’ll make this year.

Rob Pirie

I thought no one could’ve fixed it

I had no idea of what to expect when I called Craig. I was suffering from back and neck pain for so long that I was almost used to it and I thought no one could’ve fixed it. Craig found the cause after a few minutes I walked in and he managed to fix my body! I was so impressed. I would recommend him to anyone! He is an amazing practitioner and a great person.



Craig is passionate and has a superb amount of energy and skill behind his work. I highly recommend going to Craig for your body's structural health and happiness, which essentially is the foundation that the rest of your health rests and depends upon.

Samaria Black

Best result in 20 years

I was put onto Craig by a close friend of mine who raved about the results he was getting. I was cautious not to get too excited at the prospect of having a back and neck that worked well again. Craig assessed me thoroughly on my first consult pointing out issues that relate to my neck and back problems. After my second session I can honestly say the range of movement in my neck is the best it has been in 20 odd years. I am very appreciative of Craig’s work and will continue to be a client of his into the future.

Kyle Williams Finance

My entire body felt better

For just over one and a half years, I have been struggling with back pain, after multiple visits to a chiropractor, physio and remedial massages, I only had limited relief. After going to Craig, he took one look at me and knew what was wrong. Which I have to say I found frustrating thinking of all the time I had lost from pain and misdiagnosis. After one session, my entire body felt better in a way I can't describe! Last night I slept for 8 hours after the treatment, Insane!! Craig, you are a miracle-worker! Thank you so much.

David Long

Best treatment ever!!

Amy Allen

Repetitive strain

After having been to many practitioners re my continuous pain in my lower back I’d sort of resigned myself to that I was just going to have to accept my daily pain as part of getting older and to just keep taking pain killers on a daily basis! I was referred to Craig and was really glad I was, it’s not just the relief I’ve had it’s also his personal interest in me and my ailments. I didn’t feel the usual I’m on a conveyor belt arrangement, where everyone has a 15 minute consultation and your out!! He really wants you to feel relief and to improve your all round well being. I highly recommend anyone to Craig, I feel less pain and more agile than I have in years.

Belinda Hoad Home maker

Great results for me

Awesome treatment with great results for me, thankyou Craig!

Ben Smith

Immediate relief from the pain

After suffering acute upper arm pain for months on end and getting no relief from other practitioners, Craig quickly diagnosed the sources of the problem and in one 2 hour session, working on a whole body approach, he was able to provide me with immediate relief from the pain. I am extremely grateful to Craig for his knowledge and professionalism in helping me to become pain free.

Sally Bullpit

I went on to Win the title

I hurt my ankle in December 2017 and I went to so many people to get it checked out and never had it fixed properly..2 Days before the Under 18 QLD Surfing Titles I went to Craig and he realigned me in around 1 hour and 30 minutes, with the relief and confidence I had in my ankle and what he did for the rest of my body I went on to Win the title. I couldn't recommend Craig enough, 10/10 he is a legend!!

Zane Assink Surfer

Fixed what 20 years of therapy couldn't

This Guy is ridiculous! I told him nothing and he not only told me what was wrong with my body but went on to tell me how I probably caused the injury in the first place and how long ago it happened which was spot on. Then proceeded to correct and fix what 20 years of therapy had not been able to achieve. Highly Highly recommended!!!

Colin Michael-McLachlan

Can be a life changer

We're related but I believe I should still have my say.....and no problem describing the same under oath. I was not motivated to visit Craig, preferring to believe I knew better than he on how to manage myself and the current pain and issues I put down to a past Injury and not taking enough care of self and ageing. Relief of any major type and a return to better state I thought, was pie in the sky stuff for someone who’s pushed their small frame for all it’s worth, and now at 54 is feeling the effects of physical work, long hours (sitting poorly) at computers, '3rd class' travel, and a significant fall from height. He sensed a challenge and insisted I visit. Afterwards, I had the first good night's sleep in years, my last waking thought that night was my neck is not uncomfortable on pillow …big change! Normally sleep is a major toss and turn and confined to facing one way to sleep to placate neck, I’d accepted this was my lot. I was instantly ‘lighter’ on my feet and even the pain in my thumbs went from 80% to 5 %. I’d put this down to some form of ageing/ arthritis, all the usual things I pop herbs and vitamins to try and assist with. It was such a relief to realise my assumptions (and acceptance) of these discomforts and pain was not necessary, they were treatable, I could get relief, sleep better, be more mobile and become fitter again, as I like to be. I’m hard to convince especially by family, we’re always harder on them, aren’t we? However, I've been to other types of practitioners, we all go somewhere when desperate to have proper mobility or relief from pain so I know for me at least, that this result was the best result and told brother - you've got this! His belief in his teacher/mentor and desire to learn and embrace this knowledge will be the gift to all of us who find anything close to the result I did. Can be a life changer.


I still can not believe it

Disbelief!! After a horrible bike accident a year ago, I have never been the same. I was seen by every specialist I could find and gave them credible reasons to why I was in the condition I was. But no one could provide a solution or treatment that delivered any lasting results. I still can not believe how good I felt after what Craig did. It seemed simple and yet the results have been incredible. Happy to provide this review out of respect and thanks. Highly recommend!

Graham Cartwright

His techniques work

As a Physiotherapist I have very high expectations when I receive a treatment. Craig blew me out of the water, his understanding and passion about the human body is second to none. His techniques work! If you want to realign your body and protect yourself from injury I can not recommend Craig enough! Thank you for an awesome experience I look forward to next time.

Arianne Romeo

Great Service

Craig offers a great service which allows me to play footy to the best of my abilities injury free no matter how big or small!

Andrew Hart

One of the most thorough & insightful practitioners

As a long term chronic pain sufferer, accident surviver and trained health professional I am constantly trying new practitioners. I was really stoked to discover Craig , experience the results of his multidisciplinary techniques and hear of his training and own personal story of injury recovery back to wellness again. Craig is one of the most thorough and insightful practitioners I’ve worked with and I couldn’t more highly recommend him.

Marti Carstairs

Headache, Neck, shoulder pain free

Craig's technique is amazing. I now understand what caused my pain as he explained how the body and mind is linked. I feel awesome, headache, neck and shoulder pain free, so happy to feel light and have great range of movement again. Craig makes you feel at ease and comfortable. I would highly recommend Craig.

Gerri Simons Retail Sales - Singer

Such an amazing practitioner

Such an amazing practitioner, Craig makes you feel comfortable and at ease the whole time and is able to adjust your body effortlessly. He finds the root cause rather than a band-aid fix. I would highly recommend.

Michelle Alexiou

Release your worst nightmares

My first session with Craig my body was in pretty good shape at the time, however though his intuitive interaction with me he found a sneaky little problem in my neck that I had become so accustomed to. For years when I went surfing, sometimes while paddling I would get throbbing headaches, he realigned it for me and I was skeptical it was going to stop, I’ve seen other osteopaths in the past and it’s never left me. After 1 visit with Craig it’s been almost 12 months and I still get no build up pressure like I used to. It’s totally amazing !! My second visit to his space I was in a really, really bad way. I’d done something to my hip and shoulder, I couldn’t walk right, sit right and hadn’t slept right for over a week. I’d never felt pain like this before in my life. When I arrived Craig and his beautiful wife Devon again made me feel welcome. His warmth as you enter the room sets you up to trust in his methods. Craig explains what is technically going on with your body to feel the way you do. This gave me a wholesome understanding not only to the construction of my own body which in turn helped me with assisting the process. I WALKED OUT WITH ZERO PAIN ✨✨✨✨✨ Besides the residue massage that needed to take place to loosen the muscle, I walked to my car and I almost couldn’t believe it, again, for the second time around ! I have so much gratitude for the knowledge Craig carries and wonder why it took me so long to find someone who truly can help support the human structure and release your worst nightmares. HE’S THE MAN 🙌🏽💖💖💖

Whaia Creation

Nothing short of miraculous

Craig's technique has been nothing short of miraculous for me. Years of neck and back pain have had extremely fast and accurate results from Craig's therapy. Instant relief from pain brings immense happiness and well being. I cannot recommend Craig and Total Body Therapy highly enough. Do yourself and your body a favour and book an appointment now!

Suzanne Christie


I had tried a few places before as I had shoulder pain. All o had ever been told was it was a shoulder injury. Craig was able to explain to me how he whole body is linked, and discovered that my shoulder pain actually originated from muscles Criss crossing across my body starting down from my feet! From just the one session my shoulder has felt better than ever. I use my arms all day for work and I haven’t felt pain like I had before seeing Craig! Really highly recommended!!

Rikki Mckeeman

Feeling so much better

Took my partner to see Craig as he always has back, shoulder and legs problems. Craig was amazing, we felt welcomed and my partner feels so much better now. Now we've saved heaps as we would go for massages every week sometimes twice at 2 different places, cause he's still in pain. So if you are in pain I totally recommend Craig.

Ngapua Rawiri

Got me back in the game

Craig has been amazing at putting me back together as my ambition often outweighs my skill and fitness.. His treatments straighten me out immediately and get me back in the game. Craig has also treated my two boys from time to time when they take a fall in the surf or on their skate boards and his skill in caring for them has been next level. Too many great stories for a short review! Thanks Craig 10/10

Karl Muggeridge Motorcycle Racer

I feel like I am in a new body

I live in Melbourne but come up to the Gold Coast a few times a year for work and visits. I never come up this way without contacting Craig for a total body alignment.

He is by far the most skilled bodyworker I have ever worked with and literally call him a wizard!

After my sessions, I feel like I am in a new body, more agile and flexible and pleasant to be in than before. I would highly recommend this man to anyone who is serious about bringing their bodies back into alignment - Craig does not mess around - he gets straight to the areas that need attention and somehow magically "fixes" it all up!

Phoenix Onesong Marolda

A service that delivers

Craig told me he could fix me in 2 visits and he did!! 10/10

Byron Anderson

Completely restored my mobility, flexibility & strength

Craig was recommended to me by my physio because of my recurring ankle, knee and hip issue which has plagued me for years. It was the best result I have had from any therapy. Craig addressed the problem with a very different approach. He explained how they were not separate issues and over 3 visits he completely restored my mobility, flexibility and strength. His techniques and understanding makes perfect sense to me. I will be sending everyone I know who has any physical issues his way. Highly recommend this guy!

Ross Baker

This was amazing... life changing stuff!!

I travelled from North Queensland to have a treatment with Craig after a good friend strongly recommended him to me. My friend had also suffered terrible back and body pain for years. Both of us had had so many different treatments to relieve the pain and discomfort. Some of these treatments gave some relief for a short amount of time. To be honest I had started to accept that my pain will possibly stay with me and I just needed to learn how to live with it.

It was very hard to comprehend that I could have instant relief... but I walked out of the first of two appointments and felt completely different in my body, I didn’t realise how much resistance was going on. I had the same experience after the second treatment. This was amazing... life changing stuff!! I needed to wait, and see if this feeling would stick around before I could let myself get too excited. It’s been a week, and I have no pain, not even a niggle in places that have been sore for 8-10 years.

Anyone who experiences consistent pain and has tried many treatments, invested time and money and not seen any results please give this a go. It will all make sense when Craig explains what is going on with your body.

Cassie Cygler

Completely pain free

My 12 year old son, Jack, is a gymnast who suffered a shoulder injury in April this year. Numerous visits to the physio over several weeks resulted in very little satisfaction (to Jack or my bank account). Jack had been missing training sessions and the upcoming competition season was fast approaching.
Craig was recommended to me by a family member and any doubts I had were immediately put at ease after our first phone call. He made time for us to see him the very next day, promising to have Jack back to full training by the end of the session. I admit I was skeptical, but true to his word, by the end of the treatment, Jack was completely pain free with 100% body movement. The relief we all felt was indescribable!! Craig’s caring, gentle nature and knowledge of the human body was outstanding. He was able to instantly recognise the misalignment in Jack’s body and rectify the problem, all while explaining what he was doing and why. Jack left the session walking taller, lighter on his feet and the smile didn’t leave his face for days. Training was easier and he instantly improved his technique and strength. He competed in his first competition the following week, on all apparatus - something his coach had not thought possible given the length of his injury.
I didn’t even bother with the physio when Jack recently suffered a slight back injury a month or two later. We went straight to Craig, who again, fitted us in immediately. Once more, the problem areas were located and rectified in a comfortable way and Jack left the session feeling amazing.
Jack and I cannot begin to express our gratitude towards Craig. The experiences we have had with him has changed my thinking about traditional (and more expensive) methods. We will continue to consult with him as Jack grows and becomes stronger. His future is now looking even brighter thanks to Craig.

Wendy Botterill

Fixes the problems!

Total Body Therapy is the right name! Craig's experience and skill allow him to approach treatment from a holistic point of view. He not only corrects your problem but fixes the other problems that led to and were caused by your problem! Awesome, friendly dude to boot. Just go here.

Reece Bowden

I walked out pain-free!

I am so lucky to have found Craig. I was experiencing horrible pain in my sacrum that also sent referral pain all over the place during my third trimester in pregnancy last year. After I had my baby, I was getting weekly treatment from a chiropractor & massage just to get through to the next week. The pain made it hard to do anything! Sadly, no one actually knew what was wrong with me, not even doctors. I thought I was going to have to live with the pain forever!
Then I was referred to Thomas - when you meet Craig, you hear about Thomas... He is basically a 'body whisperer' that can pretty much fix or at least help and relieve anything to do with the human body.

Craig worked on me when I had my appointment with Thomas. Craig is forever learning the skills and knowledge from the body whisperer. I had a 1-hour appointment, I went in with a world of pain wondering what they could possibly do to help me... I walked out of there pain-free. The best bit about it was, I explained my pain for no longer than 20 seconds and they knew EXACTLY what was wrong with me.

Lucky Craig is local to me and I still go and see him anytime I have any problems, he'll always be flexible with appointments and he's calm and relaxed attitude will always make me feel welcome.

Kara Wyper

Wish I found him years ago

5 Star Service 5 Star results, wish I found him years ago!!! Thanks Craig

Philip Elkin

Everything is easier and pain free!

Craig...WOW, nothing short of remarkable! TCT seems to me to be the evolution of skeletal therapy. A true step up from osteo or chiro, It's like everything is just better- standing, stretching, sleeping, breathing, walking, working, Everything- it's all just easier and pain-free. All after just ONE visit (and it's been over a week). I truly feel aligned for the first time in many many years, THANK YOU!!!

Aaron Mason

Fixed what 2 years of visits to the chiro & physio couldn't

It took 2 visits to fix what 2 years of constant visits to the chiro & physio had not fixed. It has now been 2 months and I am still pain free! Can not thank you enough Craig. Highly highly recommend! 10/10

Oliver Capelli

My shoulder improved dramatically

The first time I went to Craig was for persistent shoulder pain from an old injury. I was a bit sceptical as I had tried other traditional methods with no real results. Craig was awesome, he put my mind at ease and my shoulder improved dramatically since that first session. I have since introduced my 11 & 13yo kids to him for various issues. My son injured his knee recently and could barely put pressure on it when walking. After a session with Craig he walked out with no pain. Craig is very thorough and takes the time to listen to any concerns. I cannot recommend him enough!! Thanks again Craig!

Alisha Kordis

Never felt better

I was told about Craig by a friend and wish I found out about him sooner. I suffered from bad back and shoulder pain from work which I didn’t think would go away because I have to stand all day. After receiving an alignment from Craig I’m so much lighter on my feet and the pain has gone. In the session with Craig he talks you through everything he’s doing and explains it all so you can understand your body better. He’s a super nice guy and wants you to leave feeling good! Highly recommend him!!

Elle Cafe

Haven't been this happy in years

When I had given up and decided to live with the pain, Craig came to the rescue. I had got diagnosed with osteoarthritis, and as a knock-on effect, I suffered hip imbalance and depression. I flew from Bangkok to come and see Craig, as a I had tried everything else. Before I got diagnosed with my condtion, I was playing sport 2-4 hours per day seven days a week, then with lots of misdiagnoses and treatments I was unable to do anything as the pain was too severe I was getting Physiotherapy 3 times a week, and only getting through to the next treatment before the pain was too much. After seeing Craig, I was able to do things I hadn't done in years. My mind and body were now much more aligned. It only took me one treatment, and I was good to go. When I left his clinic, I phoned my wife who then hung up the phone on me as she through she was being pranked. She hadn't heard me be this happy & positive in years, so it saved my marriage as well. Three months later and I'm still as good as I was when I left seeing Craig. I'm back playing sport and at the gym, pretty much pain free. Thanks Craig!!!

Ben Freeman

Craig is a miracle worker

I went to Craig after seeing what he did with my son's ankle for a surf competition, I have been jogging in pain for the last 2 years' and it has been a real effort. After spending 90 mins with Craig he not only fixed my legs but also fixed other ailments I had forgotten about. After being around sport my whole life Craig is a miracle worker. I would highly recommend!

Shane Assink

Worth every penny

My body has been in knots for years after years of childhood acrobatics, gymnastics and trampolining as well as a lengthy sickness. Craig managed to re-set and align my entire body in two easy, enjoyable and educational sessions. It is worth every penny and I would go back weekly if I could, but because it’s a one off treatment it’s not required for me (I wish it was!). I highly recommend for anyone with any pains, aches or known spinal/ structural issues. Thank you Craig!

Zoe Hoad

Helped me recover from a bad injury

Craig’s treatment has helped me recover from a bad reoccurring shoulder injury, without Craig’s help I thought I was up for surgery for sure! Couldn’t recommend his work enough, full legend cheers Craig!!

Jack Longly

I felt like my younger former self, instantly!

I highly, highly, highly recommend Craig Williams Total Body Therapy!!!! 💯

As an ex hairdresser having suffered a few back injuries, I’ve lived with back and neck pain for years. Like most I have tried every mainstream and alternative modality and exercise for relief. I had almost accepted that I was unfixable until I met Craig. After only 2 sessions I felt like my younger former self, instantly! For the first time in over 20 years I have the ability to move without restriction or deep pain. Although it’s worth mentioning to expect surface discomfort from the massage for a few days. It’s the best, yet weirdest sensation to feel normal again!

Make no mistake his methods are familiar, yet unique. His manner, knowledge and explanation of the process make complete sense guaranteed to gain your trust and put you at ease in an instant.

In fear of being detrimental to Craig’s popularity, I can’t help but wonder why there are not more practitioners offering this method. But this only adds to his uniqueness as he is one of a chosen few, privy to this incredible technique.

Heather Cohen

Tugun Touch!

Craig is professional, respectful, and attentive. I’ve never had a bodyworker listen to me more intently than he does. I can finally stop hunting around for a bodyworker I trust!

MichaeL G

Honestly ecstatic with the results

I have had issues with my back and knees for years through service as a Paratrooper in the Army as well as competing in multiple sporting events throughout the last 20 plus years. I have visited Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors however have only ever had temporary relief. Upon competing in the IRONMAN in Cairns, a therapist I consulted post event recommended I go see Craig when back on the Gold Coast, so the day after I got back, I called Craig hoping he could see me that day. Unfortunately he was booked solid for the rest of the week, however he put me quickly at ease by stating he would make time for me regardless...even at his lunch. Not only did he stay true to his word, but got me in the next day...and yes during his lunch.

Immediately Craig was warm, welcoming and professional. He talked through his own personal struggles with injuries as well as the training he has gained over the years, being humble throughout. The session was painless and enjoyable and I am writing this review because I am honestly ecstatic with the results. My strength and stamina has doubled and my sleep has improved. I had two sessions with Craig and I am now a walking advertisement for his services as he is special at his craft. Thank you Craig and I'm sure I won't need to see you again.

Steve Frame

Scoliosis Success

Recently our world was sent in a spin with our 3 children all being diagnosed with Scoliosis, two having severe curves. Having no idea about Scoliosis our family rapidly researched EVERYTHING and we were extremely lucky to have Craig recommended to us. Craig has been the only Practitioner (we have seen quite a lot!) that confidently says he will improve the Children’s Scoliosis. No other Practitioner has been as confident as Craig and only offer ‘treatment will stop it from getting worse but not better’. Craig’s weekly treatment in conjunction with the Children wearing a Scolibrace has shown OUTSTANDING early results in the first 9 weeks. X-rays with their brace on has shown 68% improvement for my Son and 45% improvement for my Daughter. Scolibrace hopes to reach a 50% improvement by the end of their growth period which can be up to 1.5 years depending on the individual. My Son has already exceeded this and my Daughter is pretty much there. Without Craig’s weekly treatments I know we would not have reached these impressive results so early. My Son & Daughter both look forward to their weekly visits, each week they walk out feeling amazing and taller. I am so grateful Craig has come into our lives.

Alison Lambert

Back magic

After having a knee reconstruction and other injuries from many years of bricklaying and football, Craig said parts of my body were overcompensating and causing strong pain in certain areas. Working became almost unbearable. He worked me from head to toe thoroughly explaining how the muscles in the body work and where my pain was coming from. When I stood up I felt lighter. I highly recommend seeing Craig!

Shannon Bricklayer

Craig’s treatment is first class

Craig’s treatment is first class. Craig’s apart of that small group of professionals that actually help people with real results so their clients don’t need to come back for multiple unnecessary treatments. (So thankful they exist).

For me, I’m a professional breakdancer (yes there are some of us in Australia lol) and require a certain standard of physical treatment. And let me tell you I’ve visited quite a range of therapists in the last 20 years and most don’t come close. My lifestyle is very physical to that of an athlete - training etc. So I’ll likely see Craig more often than most, purely to maintain structural integrity but I know when I do I’m getting quality high standard treatment with Craig’s unlimited knowledge of body mechanics and if you choose to go there the connection with the emotional causes related to your injury or condition. It truely is an experience worth investing into. And I would recommend Craig 100%.

Thank you for the important work you do and continuing your professional growth to then help so many like myself and others. You’re the real MVP.


Above and beyond

Craig's service was above and beyond. I haven’t felt so good both physically and mentally for a long time. I would highly recommend Craig to anybody who needs a little TLC. An absolute professional and a lovely man who made me feel very comfortable. I can’t recommend highly enough!

Mark Dodds

Straight to the beach feeling 19 again

Was recently on holidays in Tugun, during the holidays i was far more active then I’d normally be in my day to day life. The usual activities such as tennis, running, walking, riding, swimming etc, as oppossed to my limited excercise daily as a truck driver. I came across Craig through a google search and gave him a call. From the get go he was confident he was able to help me. I turned up to Craig’s studio walking like a tin soldier & moving about like a half open pocket knife. Craig took one look at me and rattled off numerous issues I was having and why. As they say, sitting is the new smoking & I unfortunetly do alot of it. He passionately got to work on me through massage, muscular manipulation and alignment techniques. He was able to explain everything he was doing & give tips on how to prevent my issues in the future. Some pains I have dealt with for years where shifted & I left the studio feeling like a new man, straight to the beach I went feeling 19 again. Trust the process. You wont be dissapointed. Thanks Craig. See you next holiday!

Liam K Truck Driver

He understands the body

When I injured my back I spoke to Craig who reassured me that I would be right after 2 visits. Craig took the time to learn about the injury and conducted a full examination to work out the cause of my pain. After the two visits Craig fixed the issues in my back, including an issue in my calf which was a contributing factor. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone. He understands the body and will do his best to make sure you leave healthy. Thanks.

Paul Renouf

Given me back full mobility

First time any treatment has ever given me back full mobility with out fear of it recurring . It has been 4 weeks since I first saw Craig . Highly recommend 💯%

Rob Menz

Craig's name should be Jesus, he made me walk again!

Craig was first and foremost a friend but it came to my attention that he had helped a lot of mutual friends with their mobility. I have struggled with lower back pain for at least 12 years, some good days and some bad days. Normally I would get a quick fix by getting a massage or dropping into a chiropractor but I had never fully committed to a treatment due to cost and usually I would feel better after one session. Until one day, when I started training harder with high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes as well as running regularly and I threw my back completely out. I could not walk or could I lie down, which interfered with my sleep and started affecting my work. It got to a point where I would get scared and depressed thinking that this might just be how I am now! Is this how my life will be now, always in pain? I went to see Craig one day and looking back I wish I saw him 12 years ago when it all started. Craig's passion and knowledge which he shares with you when doing the treatment creates an understanding and logic as to why the condition has got to where it is. After ONE treatment, I got up and managed to walk again! I could sleep again without pain, I was feeling happier and my days were looking brighter day by day. I had a second session to follow up and make sure everything was good. This is now 18 months ago. I have been running, training and sleeping like a baby ever since. I can not speak highly enough about Craig and I have been recommending him to everyone I meet who has a chronic pain. I love to refer people to him who have tried everything and nothing else has helped. I get feedback from my referrals with same experiences as I had. Craig definitely has a gift, his name should be Jesus - He made me walk again!

Ine Njaa Accountant

Long term results

I have been to many different therapists over the years to treat an ongoing and increasingly painful hip. Sometimes I would get a short period of relief but nothing was ever long term. I recently moved to the Gold Coast and Craig was highly recommended by people in my neighbourhood. To be honest I was doubtful but made an appointment purely because of the positive testimonies of my neighbours. Long story short, my hip is healed. Craigs understanding of the human body is incredible and I am so happy that I found Total Body Therapy.

Emma Lenehan


Craig is a magician, he sorted out some long term issues I had accumulated over the months of hard training. Body is now aligned and working as it was designed for, will be back for more tweaks as required.

Marc White

Regained full strength and capability

I have regained full strength and capability after a treatment with Craig. I always felt my worries were heard and that we were working towards the best short term and long term outcomes. I can't recommend Total Body Therapy highly enough!!

Adam Moore

Best treatment ever

BEST RESULTS! Best treatment I have ever had! Highly recommend!

Gael Rogers