Better Results Guarantee

All structural & muscular strain or stress are effectively treated creating lasting relief and structural stability using Total Body Therapy. If you have experienced structural instability or physical dysfunction, the words “I just wish I could fix my body” has probably escaped your lips at some point.


In terms that anyone can understand, the easiest way to describe TBT is that it starts with a specialised head to toe assessment of the body. Using that information, we then begin the process to trace the root cause of the problem instead of just treating the physical symptoms of a deeper issue.


The best of mainstream modalities are represented in Total Body Therapy.

The success of TBT as a therapy is based on a teaching that was established with over 50yrs of clinical practice by Thomas Creevey, who dedicated his life to understanding the human body and treating cases that were assessed as untreatable by the conventional thinking of western medicine and mainstream therapies.

Through 50yrs of assessing the complex mechanics of the human body where injury or pain is present, an understanding was developed of the rotational shifts and muscular stress created by certain injury and or structural displacement. It is one thing to know the theory but the true power is in understanding how to physically rectify and correct it in the right sequence, safely and effectively providing better results.


Instead of walking into a conventional 30min consultation of mainstream therapy, feeling like you are being rushed through a treatment that requires multiple visits, imagine being treated with the approach that time is the least of concerns by your practitioner. All initial treatments allow for a minimum of 1.5hrs to thoroughly assess and treat the dysfunction effectively so that you do not have to return. In most cases, TBT can rectify the issues of concern within 1-2 visits.

Rather than targeting the area of complaint or discomfort, TBT provides an understanding of the body that can deliver the reason why that physical dysfunction is happening in the first place. Then we start unpacking the body, back to the origin of the displacement which is now showing up in different areas causing referral pain.

That’s why this treatment is the go-to for those who have lost faith in the approach of mainstream therapies.

Whatever structural or muscular issue is troubling you or causing you physical discomfort, in most cases, it can be rectified more efficiently by applying this therapy.

If you do not experience a notable improvement compared to previous therapies, then no fee applies. That’s my guarantee.
The Journey with my Teacher & Mentor Thomas Creevey

My introduction to Thomas Creevey began over 30yrs ago through my involvement in the health & fitness industry I became aware of sports injury specialist and bodywork practitioner who had a reputation as a miracle workerHis success stories especially those coming from sporting people that I was exposed to were too numerous to mention. 

When I then became injured myself through quite severe high-speed impact injuries, I was both unhappy with the way I was treated and horrified with the prognosis. I felt like I was on an endless roster of therapy which was delivering limited improvements, like many others who have found themselves in this cycle, I was frustrated with the lack of results.

It was during this time I remembered Thomas and immediately tried to arrange an appointment. During the first consult, the instant results I experienced through Thomas’ treatment were astonishing compared to traditional treatment protocols. What he was able to achieve with me in one visit compared to the months of therapy that I had endured is hard to put into words, however the results were simply mind-blowing. I cannot describe to you the feeling of relief that came from that one visit, not just physical but the positive psychological effects were overwhelming, It felt like I actually knew that I was going to achieve what my doctors had ruled out as being possible for me. It was at this time that I realised I wanted to be more than a patient and asked Thomas to mentor me as a TCT Practitioner through clinical training. Over the many years I have spent in Thomas’ clinic, I have stood witness to hundreds of similar scenarios playing out for others receiving this treatment. 

My journey with Thomas as a patient and student began over 30yrs ago, I am still on that journey today. I dedicate the results I achieve for my clients as a testament to the expertise Thomas Creevey has developed over 50yrs of devotion to mastering his understanding of the body and how to treat it.  I am forever grateful for the skills and knowledge being trained by Thomas has provided me and feel honoured to call him my friend. 

Arianne Romeo

As a Physiotherapist, I have very high expectations when I receive a treatment. Craig blew me out of the water, his understanding and passion about the human body is second to none. His techniques work! If you want to realign your body and protect yourself from injury I can not recommend Craig enough! Thank you for an awesome experience I look forward to next time.

TJ Hendy
Professional Ironman/Athlete

Craig is awesome, as soon as I called he listened and booked me in ASAP. Great energy and I’m halfway through my initial treatments. 1 of 2 for me and feel like I have new legs that aren’t stuck on the path behind me. Different to anything I’ve ever experienced and excited for the next session! 👌 Part 2 done and wow, different again and awesome. Some major releases and noticeable change straight away. Sometimes as a professional athlete I can get stressed with injuries and niggles. Something that I’ve been not getting to the bottom of for a couple of years. With Craig I feel well on the way. Thanks mate 👍

Aaron Mason
Sound Engineer

Craig…WOW, nothing short of remarkable! TBT seems to me to be the evolution of skeletal therapy. A true step up from osteo or chiro, It’s like everything is just better- standing, stretching, sleeping, breathing, walking, working, Everything- it’s all just easier and pain-free. All after just ONE visit (and it’s been over a week). I truly feel aligned for the first time in many many years, THANK YOU!!!

Samaria Black

Craig is passionate and has a superb amount of energy and skill behind his work. I highly recommend going to Craig for your body’s structural health and happiness, which essentially is the foundation that the rest of your health rests and depends upon.

Vaughan Sauverain

Where do I start! I have studied in many systems of body therapies, human performance and holistic health and have been treated by some of the best practitioners in Australia and the US. I can say without a shadow of a doubt Craig is the real deal! Not only is his body therapy technique unique (in the best way) he truly has a talent that gets expressed through his art of healing and optimal structural alignment. Thank you Craig, I’m always feeling well aligned and the issues I do have seem to render themselves non-existent. Highly recommend.

Reece Bowden

Total Body Therapy is the right name! Craig’s experience and skill allow him to approach treatment from a musculoskeletal and holistic point of view. He not only corrects your problem but fixes the other problems that led to and were caused by your problem! Awesome, friendly dude to boot. Just go here.

Karl Muggeridge
World Superbike Champion

Craig has been amazing at putting me back together as my ambition often outweighs my skill and fitness. Craig’s Musculoskeletal therapy straightened me out immediately and got me back in the game. Craig has also treated my two boys from time to time when they take a fall in the surf or on their skateboards and his skill in caring for them has been next level. Too many great stories for a short review! Thanks Craig 10/10